Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Legs! My Legs!

I woke up last night unable to feel my legs.  There was a perfectly plausible reason for this.  You see, Mister Kitten (formally known as Vicious Miette Pumpkin Thunderblaster Knives Pterodactyl aka Kitten aka Trouble aka Oberon aka the Cat with the Identity Crisis) was laying across my legs.  Mister Kitten is the largest of our cats, weighing in at a good 16.5 pounds (or 7.5 kg).  Thus, you can understand my reasoning for going, "Ack!  My legs!  My legs!"; although, I must admit that I said this silently since the love of my life was still asleep.  However, I did get up and make Mister Kitten get off of my legs.

[pause to love on Zaphy who just came in from outside... we really really need to find his brush!!]

Mister Kitten is a yellow tabby who is extremely muscular (yes, that 16.5 pounds is not fat!!).  He loves to play chase with Star up and down the hallway just as he has done since he was a kitten.  Mister Kitten first came to use via the Eldest Daughter, Sarah.  She wanted a kitten since the only kitten she'd ever had was an Abyssinian mix rescue who was 9 months old when he came to be a forever companion.  So she went to a feline rescue group and found a cute female kitten whom she named Vicious Miette Pumpkin Thunderblaster Knives Pterodactyl.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde at that point also included Tanis the Dragon Slayer (the Abyssinian mix) and Quigley the Demon Dust Bunny Hunter, who were the Eldest Cats in the household and also known as The Cranky Old Men.  Tanis had integrated into the Horde and become sociable (he is rather autistic and I worked hard with him once we were in the same household).  Then Miette came to live with us.  Oh dear!  Oh no!!  Horror of horrors!!  Tanis fell apart.  The other boys welcomed the baby, since they'd had other babies introduced to the Horde before (crazy cat lady?  moi?  noooOOOooo, that invisible neon sign that says "Cat Family Lives Here, Feeds the Good Stuff, Come on In" does not exist!!)

Oh.  You want to know more about Mister Kitten and how she became a he??  Well, that's a story for another time... mayhap... tomorrow.