Friday, January 21, 2011

Three Cats on the Bed!

"She's letting us on the bed! I mean like seriously. 
My Young Mommy is sitting here on Mommy's
bed next to me cause Nova let me on the bed!
And Star's on the bed too!"

"Finally! I can sleep with my Mom once again!
Nova is laying there staring at me and no hissing!
Progress has been made! And Zaphoid's on the bed as well!"

"What are you stinky boys talking about? The only reason I'm
letting you on My Bed is because Mom gives me treats if I don't
hiss or growl at you!  And that Yellow Cat is still the most stinky!
He's not allowed up here!"

"She let me up on the bed to get my treats but I'm not taking
any chances! I'm staying up in Zaphy's human's room!
She doesn't come up there!"

So things are progressing faster than Mom expected.(Me too!)