Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick Update!

 "You can barely see Nova but for the last two nights mom
has woken up so see us both laying on the bed beside her.
Of course, as soon as she does we have to hiss & growl
so she doesn't know we are beginning to like each other!!"

 "Yesterday I got a package from Noodle & Olive!!
What??  Oh.  Thanks Noodle & Olive!!"

 "They sent me TOYS!  And TREATS!!  And a water fountain
they didn't use.  Mom?  What's a water fountain?"

 "Oooooh!  Okay.  You might want to set that on
something to make it higher off the floor mom."

"Mom had two doctor's appointments yesterday which is why she didn't let us onto the 'puter to write.  Bad mommy!!  No biscuit!!"