Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick Update!

 "You can barely see Nova but for the last two nights mom
has woken up so see us both laying on the bed beside her.
Of course, as soon as she does we have to hiss & growl
so she doesn't know we are beginning to like each other!!"

 "Yesterday I got a package from Noodle & Olive!!
What??  Oh.  Thanks Noodle & Olive!!"

 "They sent me TOYS!  And TREATS!!  And a water fountain
they didn't use.  Mom?  What's a water fountain?"

 "Oooooh!  Okay.  You might want to set that on
something to make it higher off the floor mom."

"Mom had two doctor's appointments yesterday which is why she didn't let us onto the 'puter to write.  Bad mommy!!  No biscuit!!"


  1. Nova...are you a happy girl? How sweet that Noodle and Ollie sent you toys. And mommy herself was thinking about trying the Drinkwell one more time soon and if I still think it's evile, mommy was going to ask if you needed it. She will break it out soon as I feel all better.


  2. You're welcome! Mom says you should share your treats and toys. We say you don't have to.
    Noodle & Olive

  3. How nice to get a package of goodies.
    Sleeping on the same bed is a very good start to becoming friends.

  4. Nova we are glad things are working out so well.
    That was a pawsome package from your furfriends!


  5. Oh wow, Nova! You are winning all of them over paw over paw! We knew it! What a sweeeeetheart you are :D
    Gosh, look at all those goodies. Mom hasn't bought us anything in over 24 hours!

  6. Star says, "Yes my sweet?? Actually having a second fountain wouldn't be a Bad Thing™ or if it's because it's too noisy we could trade. The fountain that Noodle & Ollie sent is very very quiet. Nova isn't growling very much at me either. Of course, that may be because she thinks I'm a reflection! Mom hasn't been on the computer much because she's have a bad fibro flare."

    Nova bounces, "Thanks Petey, Jack, Spunky, Tabitha, Madison LaRue & Momma Pam!! Mom got me some really good kitten food with your donation! So now I have toys and kitten food and HEY! get out of my food bowl!! When I catch you...."

  7. Oooo... what an excellent water fountain!

  8. A water fountain? how posh! We hope you kitties are making friends...

  9. Sounds like yoo are making friends wiv each other ~ well done! Awesome fountain!

  10. WEll that is real progress that you two were on the same bed. It won't be long before you are friends with each other.What a nice package. And a nice water fountain too
    Hope Mom feels better soon. Take care.

  11. So glad Nova is beginning to make friends with the other cats.

  12. I was hopeful that Nova would eventually (possibly, maybe, someday) warm up to some feline family members. It does sound like maybe this is moving along a little faster than I had thought. I hope so.
    Best wishes to the mom with her flare-up.

  13. Star says, "Yesterday she let a few of us up on the bed to have our treats but then she realized that we'd incrouched on Her Space. Well, it may also have been because we were eating Her Food and using Her Kitty Litter. But for the most part she is getting used to us. This is all going the way it normally does and mom praises everyone who doesn't hiss. (and we get treats when we don't hiss or growl!! yay treats!!) She seems to like me and Zaphoid the best so far."