Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sleep would be nice...

Yesterday my husband and children did yard work.  As a result, the cats went... elsewhere.  Elsewhere was somewhere unknown to us all.  In fact, they didn't come in until I was going to bed.  I had become rather worried that I would have no cats sleeping with me at all.  However, first Star, then the 15 pound Kitten, then Zaphoid came in to share the bed with us.  I'm afraid that sleep still eluded me and made getting to church... difficult.

Right now, I have Kitten laying on my lap, sleeping & purring.  Normally this job is taken up by Star.  I'm not sure why Kitten chose this particular place to sleep.  Eventually he Will Have To Move™.  Let's face it, 15 pounds of cat on your thighs for any length of time just doesn't do.  ::shakes head::   Now I just wonder where Thomas has been keeping himself.