Sunday, September 19, 2010

Okay, ignore calendar on the poll...

My daughter insisted that I make the drawing calendar this weekend.

links to the calendar page showing both designs (three types)

Poll... What Should We Work On??

"Okay, we've been helping mom with the shop and we need to know what to make mom work on next.  Of course we have to make sure she doesn't work very long because it makes her hurt.  Last night I kept sitting on her mouse which made her mad.  HAHA!  I am the bestest at doing it because I weigh way way way way more much than anyone else in the Ninja Horde.  ::purrrrrrrrrrrrr::  Star is still avoiding the bed because he's mad at mommy for pilling him.  He's actually gotten up on the bed today for the first time in days."

"I'm helping by conserving energy.  Conserving energy is very important to keep the world green.  No, really!!"

generic holiday stuff... heh heh heh