Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mommy is Sick! The Van is Fixed! And We Got an Award!

Hi!  I would have done this yesterday but we had doctor's appointments!  Then I would have done it earlier today but I didn't wake up until 11 and I was sick!!  Oh wait!  You want to know what this is!!  It's a nifty award we got from Admiral!!  ::waves at Admiral & her mom::  Thanks ladies!!!

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the blog that gave you the award. I was given this cool award by Admiral Thank you so much. ♥

2. Tell seven things that people out in blog land may not know.

First thing - the first member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde was Christopher T Cat.  His mom and her sister were viciously thrown OUT of their home because the... the... things that had been feeding them got pregnant.  grrrrrrrrr.  And neither one of them were spayed!!!  Both Queens got pregnant before anyone knew and at the time no shelters in town took pregnant Queens or kittens under 6 weeks.  One day my ex and I were coming home and saw Chris limping on the sidewalk.  All the vets were closed and I called my grandmother frantically (we were broke).  She promised to cover the emergency vet fee.  We rushed him to the emergency vet.  His hip had broken off at the ball and flipped completely over.  They said they could strap it until we took him to his regular vet.  We said he was a stray.  They freaked.  "You brought in a stray?!"  Duh.  "You brought in a stray?!"  He was hurt!  "You brought in a stray?!?!  So how much will it cost to get his hip fixed?  $150.  oh.  "It will work fine without an operation if we strap it like this and it's kept like that for x time."  He broke it again a year later & the new vet let us split the amt into three payments).  Thus began the Horde.  Come on.  Leave a hurt kitten on the sidewalk??  Harrumph!  That was in 1988.

Second thing - Almost all of the TMNKH have had Oriental breed blood in them.  While four of them have been shelter cats the rest have been rescued cats.

 Third thing - Since Nicodemus the Evile Anti-Koala aka Thief Cat joined the TMNKH back in the early '90s, the Horde has always had at least one sable point.  (However this is Zaphy, not Nikki... I haven't got any pics of Nikki scanned.  ::sigh::)

Fourth thing - Since the very beginning, the Horde has always had at least one black cat with one white spot on them.  Quite often this spot is on the belly like the cat for whom Christopher T Cat was named.  The original Christopher was a black cat with a white belly button whom Kat had as a child.  Christopher, Christopher T Cat and StarWatcher where all black with white belly buttons.  StarWatcher also had a star on his throat.  StarWalker has a star and a white bellybutton (which is getting bigger).

 Fifth thing - there is often a tabby in the TMNKH, however Knives is the first orange tabby.

 Sixth thing - Audrey is the fourth Princess in the Horde and the second Audrey.  The first Audrey was Audrey Catburn who was a gray tortie Maine Coon mix with gold eyes.

Seven - Most of the TMNKH have been therapy cats.  This is a Good Thing™ since I have chronic myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, migraines yada yada yada.  The current healer cats in the Horde are Zaphy, Star, Thomas (to some extent) and now Audrey is learning.  Knives likes to eat.  This isn't too unusual since Oriental breeds tend to do best as therapy cats.  However, all cats help their Feeders reduce stress simply because of their nature.  Christopher was, however, a spectacular Healer Cat™.  I had knee surgery when he was about 8 weeks old.  I was at my grandparents when our water heater blew.  So my ex brought Chris over to their house to make sure the workers didn't let him out accidently.  Every time I woke he was there purring on my chest.  He put me to sleep.  I worried about him not eating or using the litter box.  My grandmother said, "Oh Kathryn!  We know you've gone to sleep because he comes bouncing out of the room, uses the box and has something to eat.  Then he curls up in your grandfather's lap.  We know you're about to wake up because he jumps up and races back into the bedroom!".  Christopher passed away at the age of 16 due to kidney failure.  I miss him.

3. I have to pass this award on to seven blogs that are stylish. This is VERY difficult!!

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We could go on!!  PS if you know of someone who deserves a Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde award and does not have one, please contact us!!  Because of my health issues I don't always get things done!  In fact, if I haven't commented recently on your blog it probably isn't because I'm not ready, it's because I just don't have the energy... or someone has sat on me!!  Hmmmm, does that count as another fact??

Thanks again Admiral!!