Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy Day...

Yesterday I spent a lot of time putting in some graphics in the shop that I'd forgotten about making.  (oops!)  Fortunately my kids were home from school which meant that none of the boys were inconvenienced in being let in from outside.  By the end of the day, I was actually tired and ready to turn over and sleep when bedtime came.  Mister Kitten, on the other hand, had other ideas.  It's been a while since he's been able to be Flop Cat on me because of my total knee replacement back in January.  So last night, just as I'm getting ready to turn over, ker-plunk!!!  Yep!  Flop Cat.  I was heart broken.  On one hand, I didn't want to move because he was ever so proud of himself for waiting patiently until I was well enough to handle him.  On the other hand, I was tired!  I let him stay for a minute or two and then I tried very hard to get him to come get on the body pillow beside me.  Alas, neither he nor Star came.  ::sigh::

Today I'm feeling like I've overdone it a bit and I've been noticing Mister Kitten staring at me.  I think the next time that he does that I'll put down the laptop and let Flop Cat have his way.  Oh.  What was I putting in?  ::chuckle::  Most of it was nine different cats saying "Bipolar... Next Mood Change in 5...4...3...2..." I just had this evile thought about someone going to a party wearing more than one t-shirt.  Each t-shirt having a different cat on it and the person going off into a private room and removing a shirt every so often.  Can you just imagine other people at the party starting to go, "What a minute!  You weren't wearing that..."  heh  heh heh  The next thing I knew I had nine designs.  I am a bad bad woman. 

Ask my cats!   (sorry, had to stop and pet Thomas)  I am sooooo mean!  There are times when I just won't empty the food bowls and fill them up with uberfresh food from the Big Bowl!  Bad, bad Cat Mommy!!