Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yesterday Was Busy!!

First I went to the pain clinic.  A week early.  ::head:laptop::  Which actually didn't turn out too bad because I was able to ask them about getting an Allegra prescription for the itching I've had since switching from Lyrica to Keppra.  They didn't do that but I called my pcp and by luck they had a 1300 appointment (the first appointment that isn't until next week was at 1145) so I hung out in the parking lot talking with my mom.  I didn't see my pcp but a doctor who is helping out and will fill in for her when she takes a vacation next month.  We talked about a concern so I got an ekg & chest x-ray, all good!  I just heard from the office & have an neuro appointment at Vandy early in the morning which works well since I have a near lunchtime appointment with my pdoc.  Whoot!  I thought my daughter had a make-up test that afternoon so I went straight to the school, calling just as the bell rang, hoping to catch my son before he got on the bus (both kids hate & loathe the bus but I don't have the energy to pick them up everyday).  It turned out that she didn't have a test so we all went to get flu shots and then home again, home again, jiggity jig!!

"I am soooo glad that mom finally let me out!!  My bumps have gotten smaller and are going away.  I told her I just needed to get outside!!  I'm back to sleeping on the bed at dad's feet but I'm not really getting up close to mom, even for treats!  I don't think she's going to pill me again but I'm going to take any chances for awhile."

"Well, not only do we have Pernicious Fleas, but I'm having to take Hairball Remedy!!  Okay, okay, it actually doesn't taste bad at all.  And I just hate hairballs!!!

"My Feeder and I enjoyed watching the NCIS premiere last night!!
I'm also glad he got his flu shot.  Do you think it will make the Pernicious Fleas go away??"

Thomas says, "This is one of my bestest friends who was the second or third members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  His name was Nicodemus the Evile Anti-Koala, aka Thief Cat.  Whenever mom & our ex-dad moved they would find stashes of the things Nicky would take and hide.  He also really liked crackers (but especially saltines).  If mom or our ex-dad left them on the table, Nicky would hunt them.  He'd sneak up (we are Ninjas after all!) and then grab a cracker, swoosh!  Then he'd got to a corner and nibble on the cracker just like a squirrel!!  Nibbling round and round until it was allllllll gone.  Mom says he had more Burmese blood in him than Siamese.  Nicky crossed the bridge in our last house purring on her chest.  We all came up to say good-bye and gave him purrs, head butts, & grooming and made sure the house was quiet for him."

"There are lots of poses of this but I  like this one.
It makes me think of teenage kittens."

PS - Please keep sending purrs & prayers for Bruce my ex's cat.  Also, he has three interviews this week.  We are all crossing our paws!!