Friday, November 13, 2009

Cold, it is.... Doctor Cats Remain... Vigilent!

I was replying to something just before starting this and Star gave me one of Those Looks.  Even though you see him, you could feel it... attacking your brain.  Suddenly!  He jumped up on the back of the computer chair (which is a Very Good Place Indeed) where I assumed he would do his usual thing of plumping the top just right;  settling himself in suchaway that he could play with pen or pencil, or mayhap take a stab at any moving hair, and God forfend that anyone should disturb his writer at her work!!

But no, no.  Alack and alas it was not to be.  Star managed to turn around on top of the edge of the table.  then he slithered politely and smelling faintly of vanilla* down my side and into my lap.  ::sigh::  Well, I'll have to go now, a post that should have take me about 5 minutes has taken

One collapse coming up.....