Monday, September 6, 2010

Heaven's Newest Angel: Tanis du Quat DragonSlayer

Once upon a time (about 15 years or so ago) a cute part Abyssinian kitten was born.  He was adopted by an elderly lady who named him Garfield.  When he was nearly 9 months old, his loving Feeder passed away.  He spent a few days wondering what had happened before he was found.  Then he was adopted by a couple who already had an Abyssinian Princess*.  Because they certainly did not feel he was a "Garfield" he was renamed Tanis.  hey use Egyptian names for their Abyssinians.  Unfortunately, their Princess (who still thinks she is a Queen!) did not care for Tanis.

At the time, Sarah (Dale's wonderful daughter & my amazing step-daughter) wanted a kitten.  So, of course, my husband rescued Tanis and brought him home (they were catless at the time).  Sarah had been hoping for a kitten kitten but there he was.  Tanis was a wee bit autistic.  As he grew older he became a Grumpy Old Cat.  He enjoyed being One of The Boys watching TV with my husband and his roommate (obviously before we met & married).  There were only certain people he would react to and Sarah was one of His People.  When she found her own place, Tanis went with her where he could have peace and quiet.  No other cats around him and His Person to love on.

Some of you may remember that Tanis was sick at the end of June.  Then he got to feeling better.  But today Sarah called because Tanis had gotten worse.  She took him  to the vet who found a number of large masses in his belly.  Because of this and his quality of life, the decision was made to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge in peace.  We will all miss him but he has left many memories of love.  Tanis always kept Dragons (dogs) away from the house.  He was a brave cat.  A noble cat.  A loved cat.  I  know that Quigley the Demon Dust Bunny Hunter who was the same age but passed several years before will greet him at the bridge.  Good-bye Tanis du Quat DragonSlayer...until we meet again.