Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Habari Gani? (a little late!) Happy Kwanaa!!

Clothing Section!

Unfortunately I was bad and forgot to wish everyone Happy Kwanzaa on Saturday!  Mea culpa!!  I'm having my left knee replaced on January 4th and we've been figuring out how to reconfigure the bedroom.  The cats have been putting in their two cents, especially since this will probably mean moving their window seat which is currently in one of the bedroom windows!  Oh no!!  ::grin::  But because I failed to do that, I have slashed everything in the Winter Holiday sections!!  Shirts, cards, mugs, mousepads, magnets, and tons of other cool items that you can pick up now and save for next year!  Well, actually you can get New Year's items as well so those can be used right now!!  (Did you miss getting out Winter Holiday cards??  I know certain family members who are sending out New Year's cards instead!)

Last night the most amazing thing happened!  Normally when Star is sleeping on my body pillow and Thomas appears, Star will move down to the end of the bed.  This is normal since Thomas is Top Cat™ in the house.  But last night... last night... Star was sleeping on my body pillow, curled up against me, and I woke up as Thomas crept up onto my shoulder and curled up there.  I couldn't believe it!!  I very carefully went back to sleep, doing my best not to move.  I take this as a good sign.  I've been working hard to make sure that these two boys know that I love them both equally

Now if I can just get Mr. Kitten (at 15.5#) to keep off of my legs!!  ::sigh::  He wants to hit the end of the bed and pounce! onto my ankles and galumph! up my legs either to flop! on my shins or thighs.  If his target is my thighs, he inevitably hits my knees.  This is not a Good Thing™.  But there is a reason that one of his aliases is Flop Cat.  He will flop onto you like a rug, his arms spread out about you.  He is such a silly cat.  Mr. Kitten is also fascinated with water.  It doesn't matter if you are taking a shower or a bath.  If he can finagle getting into the bathroom, there he will be, on the side of the tub peering in... "Hmmmm, what is this stuff?  It's quite interesting!"

If I can find a laptop in my price range, blogs should continue on a regular basis.  Otherwise, they may be sporadic, since I'll have to pry netbooks & laptops out of other household members cold, cold hands!!  I'd better get going on my bedroom now... the cats are ready for us to get busy!

Oh and the Emo Kitty is still emo.