Friday, December 23, 2011

Creeping Up On Christmouse!... Ornaments

 "This year's ornaments are in!!  (mom ordered late)  Do you know how mom drew the kitties on her designs?  She took pictures of us and she traced them!  I am Gray Cat, as I'm sure you can see.  Zaphoid is Emo Kitty.  Since mom's health went down a few years ago what she does now is just use the drawings she already has and change their sizes & the wording.  Now on to the ornaments!!"

  "Here is Jennifer's ornament.  Thomas posed for this one and it is dedicated to every member of the military keeping the peace no matter where they might be stationed.  No matter what your job is, it's important and the Horde and our Feeders appreciate YOU!!
May your Holidays be Happy & SAFE!"

 "This is Corwyn's ornament. But we know that Santa has the
magic of the Spirit of Giving so he can fit down any chimney and
if there isn't one he just comes through a door or window."

 "Me-om!!  Stop eating the cookies!!"

 "We picked our own ornament this year.  We like this one because it shows us sleeping.  This one is based on all of us.  Mom doesn't even remember which picture of us sleeping it was traced from!"

Mom would use this for Christmas cards...
but she never seems to get up enough energy to do them.