Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank You!! and What's Coming for the Horde!!

 "I want to thank everycat (and woofies) who came to celebrate my Gotcha Day!!  Here is another picture of me when I first got here."

 "I was curious about the woofies next door."

 "I still want to go outside with the boys!"

"But I never mind sleeping with my twin brother of another mother!  Mom decided to do another retrospective because she needs to get a new battery for the new camera.  The one that came with it isn't charging!!  I'd like to ask too, iffen anyone has a spare green paper, we have a donate button that would help pay back mom for the new toys that are coming!  Look down below for what we're getting!!"

In 4-7 business days the Horde will get:
1 -  Cat Napper Window Perch (we think she should have gotten 2!!)
1 - Cataction Magnicat Toy (we're not sure what that is but the picture looks interesting)
7 - new toys (mom wouldn't tell us what they were so everycat has to wait until they get here!
5 - different flavors of GREENIES!!!  (GO MOM!)
3 - Gimpet Cat Grass (we're not sure if that's as good as outdoor grass but we're willing to give it a go)

In 8-13 business days the Horde will get:
1 - Happy Habitat Cat Tent (mom says we won't use that until spring but Audrey's not sure if she'll like it.  Star is betting Zaphy that mom will put it down on the floor some so Audrey gets used to it now.)
1 - Dreamworld Banalona Cat Tree (we only have one tree now and mom says we need more)
1 - Dreamworld Altea Platinum Gray Cat Tree (so that makes three trees altogether)

Oh, and mom got more stinky Pernicious Flea stuff too but we don't like talking about that.

PS There is a little kitten named Baker who needs YOUR HELP!!  He fell!!  His Feeder needs ~$600 (twice what mom spent!) and you can donate at kitten rescue or feral cat behavior.  Mom is going to donate a few greens papers too and we'd love for you to do so as well if you have some to spare.  Thanks!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & Their Feeders