Thursday, March 4, 2010

Droooool.... or Why I Want to Hit the Lottery!

I got my Drs. Foster & Smith catalog in the mail the other day.  Of course, I can't really afford to buy anything in there, as much as I might want to get them (drool)  but it's always fun to look through it and see what they have as well as admire the pretty kitties.  But today I went to their website.  This was a biiiiiiig mistake.  Because... they have online only specials.  ::sigh::  Now, I would absolutely adore being able to a) get more cat furniture and b) get something that hides the kitty litter so that I can get it out of the laundry room and c) get some some cooler cat toys and d) get at least one more window perch.  At the moment we have one in the bedroom which is just a regular window perch (this 'belongs' to Zaphoid most of the time) and then there is the kitty condo downstairs which is conviently placed to let da boys go out the window 'door'. 

Which brings another issue, I'd really love to have a real window door, since what we have is one my husband built with plexiglass & a cat door.  They make a few styles, whic are all shown this page.  Now Dale could have made it with wood, using these instructions which would open it up to being used for a longer period.  The window leaks too much to keep it open during cold weather right now.  ::sigh::  Anyway, back to Drs. Foster & Smith.

My favorite two pieces of cat furniture are this one and this one.  Either one of which would go nicely in my 'office' where my recumbant bike & my sewing machine live.  Of course, first I'd need to pay off all of my bills and get up the money to buy all of these things!!  ::grin::  I wonder how much it would cost for me to get the materials and learn to do woodworking?  Hmmmm, naaaah, I'd still have to pay the bills first.  ::grin::  Maybe I can get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde to go out and get jobs?  On the other hand, my sixteen going on seventeen year old daughter hasn't done that yet so the odds aren't good.  Which explains why I'm just drooling & making pie in the sky wish lists!!


The window with the kitty condo in front of it.  There is an outside storage container on the other side of the window so the Teenage Mutant Ninja Horde can get down.  Da boys have been checking it on a regular basis to see if it is open yet.  Until it is, they must rely on one of us to open up a door.  This also entails showing up at my bedroom window going "Meeeeoooom!!  Let me iiiiiinnnnn!!"  Which is fine, until they begin scratching at my husband's screen.  (This is a direct quote btw, "Stop scratching at my screen!  I don't like you very much anyway!"  This from the man who can't resist giving them all scritches.  Well, so long as they don't spray on his music gear!)