Friday, October 2, 2009

We Interrupt this Blog with an important message from...THE CLONE

This is mom's clone who was working on Santa Knows Address?? which has just been finished. The only thing I'll be working on for my older clone tonight thankfully. She would be telling you this herself (though not as good as I can tell you) but Oberon is lying on her, keeping her from getting up while Star sits on the purple chair next to me, making sure I do my work. Apparently the cats are starting a conspiracy to make me do all the work around here *starts grumbling about that* I should probably wrap this up before she sends the search party out for me.
So Signing Off, The Younger Clone.

And now for the substitute...

My clone.. uh.. um... I mean my daughter... is going to do a wonderful thing and keep working on Santa Knows Address?? for me.  I love her.  Oh and she's helpful as well.  I'm just wondering if she's going to keep reading fanfic while doing it.  hrrrrrmmmmmmmmm.

Hah! okay, maybe hah!

OMG!  It's already 3 pm!!  Eeeeek!  I've got sewing to do for a historical reenactment tomorrow.  Much later period than I normally do (I do 12th C), it's for a celebration of the county I live in and my husband will conduct the musicians whilst I dress backstage.  heh.  I pulled costumes for the writer yesterday from my own closet and got to see the enthusiasm I haven't seen in a number of years.  I really haven't done theatrical costuming since my dad retired from teaching.  I used to do the costuming for his HS plays (he taught Drama and AP History).

I have managed to get in Habari Gani! (with our new Kufi Cat... whoot!) and get started on Here's hoping Santa knows your address as well as I do (so, of course, I started with Santa Cat... heh heh heh).  I got two graphics from my day job (whoot!) so that was good.  I'll see if I can't finish up this newest section before signing off for the day.

Hard at Work... No, really!!

I was up until 3:00 ack emma last night.  The cats didn't like Craig Ferguson even though I appreciated the dragon hand puppet and whomever it was who happened to be his second guest.  They had a great rapport and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I went to sleep with Thomas and Oberon and woke up to Star cuddled up next to me in classic Sleeping Cat position.  The kids managed to get themselves, although as usual my daughter forgot to take her morning meds.  ::head:desk::

I'm not sure how to help her figure out a routine.  For me it's get up, hit the bathroom, take my meds.  Every day, day after day, week after week, year after year (no, I haven't had to take meds for centuries... not meEe!).  Every time I suggest a method to her it's "Oh I can't do thaaaAAAaaat because of FITB".  ::head:desk::  I'm beginning a search for a barrel and a bunghole but that wouldn't work because in another year and a half she'll be going off to college.  She's got to have a method down before then because I'm not going to be around to remind her.  ::sigh::

Ah well, time to actually get to work on the shop since my day job has nothing for me to do.  I'm crossing my fingers that things will pick up.  Must think positively... must not think bad thoughts... must not think bad thoughts... must not think bad thoughts (I have that on a t-shirt in a drawer somewhere).  I've got to pick out a Halloween shirt for myself.  I'm going to let my kids do the same.