Friday, October 2, 2009

Hah! okay, maybe hah!

OMG!  It's already 3 pm!!  Eeeeek!  I've got sewing to do for a historical reenactment tomorrow.  Much later period than I normally do (I do 12th C), it's for a celebration of the county I live in and my husband will conduct the musicians whilst I dress backstage.  heh.  I pulled costumes for the writer yesterday from my own closet and got to see the enthusiasm I haven't seen in a number of years.  I really haven't done theatrical costuming since my dad retired from teaching.  I used to do the costuming for his HS plays (he taught Drama and AP History).

I have managed to get in Habari Gani! (with our new Kufi Cat... whoot!) and get started on Here's hoping Santa knows your address as well as I do (so, of course, I started with Santa Cat... heh heh heh).  I got two graphics from my day job (whoot!) so that was good.  I'll see if I can't finish up this newest section before signing off for the day.

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