Monday, November 21, 2011

Complete List of Contest Entries

Kat is still sick and offline and apologizes for the delays.  She hopes she will be back soon to put up the voting poll to finish the contest.

Below should be a complete list of entries for the Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest. We were able to track down most of the information and correct links but there are 2 or 3 that are missing information.

Please check to make sure the entry you submitted is included. If it isn't, please let Jan's Funny Farm know so it can be added.

Also, please help Kat by suggesting some categories for the voting (for example, dynamic duo) by leaving a comment.

Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher shows off Proper Window Perch sleeping.
(What blog is Audrey from?)

Mitchell (above) a foster kitty and Charlotte (below) of House of Carnivores.

  Ivy & Tim of  Random Felines

Jimmy of Cat's Cats

 We're not sure of this kitty's name (Kit Cat ?) but it's from Chitty Chat Cat

 Spontaneous from Kat's Corner.

Samantha (above) and Clementine (below) from A Cat's Perspective

(his mom has an etsy store)

(Who is this kitty above?)

Meowers from Missouri

(Who is this kitty above?)

Emo Kitty Sleeping
(Anyone know who Emo kitty is or blog link?)

Nellie from the Cat From Hell

This is the fuzzy lion from Growl Tiger & Co

These are from Pet & the Bengal Brats.

Now that young Brulee is home with Mom Paula, she wants to change her entry to this one. Brulee is from Sweet Purrfections blog.

 This naptime collage is from Kitty Partay blog.

This sleeping girl is Maggy of Zoolatry.

And this is Zoey of Zoolatry.

Au of Katz Tales takes a snooze.

Vinny Toobad of Vinny Toobad's Black Cat Diary.

Jet in kitten cuddler.  Mom Laura said Jet and Venus (below) don't have a blog yet. 

Venus sleeping in the packing peanuts. Mom Laura said Jet (above) and Venus don't have a blog yet.