Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two Purrs Forward, One Hiss Back

 "Mom?  When will my belly furs grow back in???  Me-oooom?!"

 "Is it live?"

"Or is it Memorex?"

 "We've been spending a lot of time here since Nova came home.
She hissed a lot at us yesterday.  Why you'd think we'd been in
the bathroom eating her kitten food!!  Or using her kitty litter!!  Ummm... why no... it couldn't have been us!"

 "Mom!  Me-om!!  Nova hissed at me again!!  Oh mom!!!"

"Why yes actually.  We've got to work some more on learning to
live together.  And it was not Da Boys who stole The Princess' toys.  Da Boys know absolutely nothing about it!!  No, really!!"