Friday, April 30, 2010

Me-om! Me-om! Where are You Going?!?!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde speeds off at the speed of... a cat wanting eat-trays... to catch mom at the door.  They begin the Discombobulated Keep Cat Feeder InTheHouse Dance, well, in order to keep mom in the house!!  "Don't worry boys!" calls out their mom, "I'll be back after I go see the doc in Lebanon."  At this Zaphoid trots off happily to his window seat and Mister Kitten goes up to see if perhaps, there might not be a dropped treat left over from earlier this morning.  Thomas and Star, however, Know Better.

 "Psssst, Star!"

Thomas: ::aghast::  "Muh-thar!!  However can you say that?!?  It takes years and years and years to get back from there!!  We'll be all starveded before you get back!!!"
Me: "Don't be silly Thomas.  I've already put food in your bowls."
Thomas: ::indignant::  "Yeah, but... but... but... Mister Kitten will just eated it all and then we'll all be starveded to death before you get home!!"
Me: "I don't think so dear, but I love you too."
Thomas: ::at Star::  "It didn't work, quick!  You think of something!"
Star:  "Mom?  Are you sure you're going to be okay to drive?"
Me: "Yes, I'll be okay.  I'll see you when I get home."
Star: ::dubiously::  "Hmmm.  Okay, I'll let you go this time, but don't stop anywhere on the way back.  Come straight home, you hear?"
Me:  "Yes, Star.  I love you too."

Gee, do you think this bumper snicker fits me??  ::weg::