Saturday, March 12, 2011

Breaking News! Audrey Needs a Longer Leash!!

"I like going outside but my leash needs to be longer mom!!"

"How come Da Boys don't wear leashes??"

"Daddy opens this cat door that he made when the weather gets good.  Zaphoid says that we should have a real cat door so it can stay open longer during the year.  ::tilts head::"

"But Star is worried that I might learn to jump
the side & back fence like Da Boys do."

"I've been back here once with mom but it took her for-ev-ah to
get me to come back inside!  But there are so many fun things
to look at!!  There was a deck, a above-ground pool, a table
with chairs, steps to climb up and down and under, a ramp to scamper up that mom uses to get into the pool, a shed..."

PS Don't forget to purr for all the cats and woofies and feeders in Japan!  Some of them crossed the Rainbow Bridge and some lost their homes.  And take a look at the cats & woofies at my Foster Mom's blog, your house may be Just Right for their Forever Home!!  I love mine and I want you to know that Handsome looks just like me!!  Mom says that if he's even half as nice as I am anycat would love to have him in their house.  ::preen::  Which is true.  Thanks!! - Audrey

PSS Jennifer says I need a catio, whatever that is.  I don't care as long as I can safely go outside.  I am very smart and want to go back inside as soon as I hear cars or woofies!!