Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Interesting Night Turns into... interesting day... of course!!  It all started with Oberon shoving me out of bed.  No, really!!  I woke up halfway off of the side of the bed.  Lo and behold, Oberon, who had been shoving on me all night long, had decided that my side of the bed was ever so much better than just sleeping in between my husband and me.  Harumph!

Mind you, this young man has been biting everyone in the house lately and acting like a rebellious teenager.  All he needs is a leather jacket & cap.  No, really!!!!!  But now, here he sits, having jumped into my lap and purring.  Uh-huh.  Like I don't know that he really plotting something... something evile.

Anyway, after that, I took my daughter shopping at a thrift store that is right around the corner.  They were having a bag sale.  Stuff the bag with all the clothes under $10 for $15.99.  heh heh heh  We got a lot of cool things but I made the mistake of not using my chair so I ended up paying for it later.  Oh well, the bad side meant that I missed seeing my brother's band The Coolin' System at The Basement in Nashville.  meh.  On the Good Side, I started on a Gray Cat graphic that I absolutely adore.  heh.  So you get to see it before I put it up on the shop...