Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lazy Day Before a Happy Easter...

Everyone having overslept (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde alarm didn't work this morning!), we missed the Holy Saturday service this morning (everyone but my daughter are Episcopalian).  My husband will be in Memphis tonight for a gig* and won't be home until tomorrow afternoon.  This means that the TMNKH alarm had better get on the stick tomorrow!!  My son and I absolutely must manage to go to the 8:45 service so that the kids' father can come pick them up and take them to a play in Nashville.  This means I have to rest up.  Thomas was a wee bit upset with me for not getting up on time, but I imagine he won't be upset with me for resting!!

Thomas giving the disdainful Buddha pose!

Today I plan to color my hair in honor of Easter.  Given that my children are now teenagers and no longer color eggs, I might as well color something!  My mother told me that I ought to let my color fade out because I'm going a beautiful silver rather than gray.  I thought about this, but then I had an epiphany one night.  I turned to my husband and said, "Hey!  Waitaminute!  My mother still colors her hair!!"  Howsoever, I am still using a non-permanent color just in case.  Of course, my mother also didn't like my new haircut either.  hmmmmmm.

Da Boys were quite content with Dale being gone last night to do work on his family farm.  Although Mister Kitten eventually retreated to his new spot on the window ledge, the others wallowed in All That Space!!  Which is odd because quite often they are to be found across the end of the bed anyway.  Hrmmmmm.  Protecting the room??  Maybe I should make catwalks!!  After all, they do have a great deal of Siamese blood and Siamese used to guard Temples.  It's one of the reasons that Siamese males are so genial with kittens.  I remember my late grandmother's cat Genivieve having a litter of kittens with a pure-bred Siamese.  He came around when the litter had been born (actually a bit before checking) and didn't understand when she got all... peeved... at him.  You could tell that he was just wanting to be a Good Daddy and help!!  Poor baby was quite confused.

 Do you think if he'd worn this small pin on his collar
things would have gone differently?  Naaah, me neither.

*Four Foot Gypsy will be playing at The Brookhaven Pub from 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM (CST since the Pub is at Brookhaven Circle W. Memphis, TN 38117)