Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This & That & a Little of the Other

Gah.  My computer STILL doesn't see the DVD-RW or anything plugged into it via USB except for the mouse.  Ticked am I?  Why yes.  Yes I am.  In other news, the weather and I do not like each other and I do not want to marry it.  But I can't take the NSAID that I CAN take because of the surgical procedure tomorrow.  meh.  Ergo, I'm getting off of the computer now.  I'm not sure when I'll be back.  I wish it would start working.  I have some pretty pictures of the peahens we had in our yard today.  At first Audrey started to go into pounce mode but as they got closer she realized Just How BIG they were!!  I think it's the fastest she's gone into the house!

Someone is throwing up but hasn't be caught at it & I'm wondering if Zaphy might have a UTI.  meh.

 "I'm waiting for Jennifer to get home tonight."