Monday, April 26, 2010

"Well Duh Mom! I Know I'm Wet & Cold...

...why do you think I jumped on top of you just as you were starting to sleep??  I mean really, Where else would I go to get warm and dry at the same time.  Hey!!  Why aren't you petting me??"  ::sigh::  Because I really need to try to something done today.remember that I've got that total knee surgery next Monday.  [BTW  because of that there will be  lapse, because I doubt I'll want to use my laptop while I'm in the hospital.

"Here I am on my window, being Emo Kitty."

Ah, Emo Kitty.  Yes, it's true.  All of the cats in my cafepress store come from one or more of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  Zaphy is Emo Kitty.  Guess  who is the model for Slepping Kitty or Gray Cat!  And right now I Thomas getting into my face and playing on the keyboard!

Emo Kitty, "I am sure that no one is going to find the treats today.::le sigh::
It is so hard being Emo.  I shall write a poem and send it to all my friends."
[points to notecards]