Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Month?? Already??

 "I can't believe I've been here for a month already!!  I rub
cheeks with all of my brothers but that stinky ole' Knives.
I still hiss at him which is weirding him out.  He draws back
for a minute but if I hiss again it's off to the races and then he
chases me down and fights with me.  Stinky ole' yellow brother."

 "Where did my hair band go??  That's okay, I'm sure I
can find another one to steal somewhere around here."

 "Aha!!  Here's one!!  I'll just take it!  They all come back with me
to mom & dad's room.  heh heh heh.  I like to play with them in
their bathroom.  I scoot them under the scales and the footstool and then move the scales and footstool all over the room.  ::giggle::"

 "But it is very very exhausting!!  Especially when I'm trying to
sneak outside.  Mean ole' mommy won't let me go out without
a harness!!  Mean ole' mommy.  I tried again this morning
but mom caught me quick as a momma cat!!  She's fast!"

"Shhhh, mom's had migraines, flares, & stress about green papers this month.  We're all taking turns making her feel better.  I think
I do the best since I can stand up on my back legs!  I will also
leap up to get hair bands!!  If you put a thick hair band and a thin hair band up side by side I will always go for the thick one.  Hmmmmm, this could make a good scientific study!!"