Monday, October 26, 2009

I was going to brush my teeth...

... but there was a cat in the sink.  Yes, it's true.  The Kitten... aka Oberon... aka the Cat With the Identity Crisis... has taken to napping in the sink.  The master bath sink, (I attribute this to the fact that the kids keep the hall bathroom door Closed At All Times™... for which reason I inspect it at least once a week).  I doubt that running water on him would work, but fortunately I use a sonic toothbrush... muahahahahahahaha!  I just turned it on before applying the toothpaste and he was out of the sink like SuperCat in search of Catnip!

The weekend was hormone filled.  We had Jennifer² in the house (Jen's stepsister is also named Jennifer). and then Jen's bff stayed Saturday night.  Amazingly enough some work on Jennifer's room actually got done.  As for me, I did a gazillion loads of laundry. ... Okay, it wasn't actually a gazillion... it was about 10... and included virtually every towel in the house save the three that my husband and I have managed to hold on to with a death grip in our bathroom.  IOW about 7-8 towels...  at least...  not counting the beach towels.

The problem was that I kept going up and down her very very very (did I mention very?) steep stairs to a) get more laundry... like the humongous pile shoved under her bed  (Oh we got everything out from under the bed!).  Now this would have been bad enough, but I've been having osteopods (my nickname for them... trust me, most of them come from pods... no, really!) tell me since 1979 that Kats Should NOT Do Stairs™.  ::sigh::  Oh well.

At any rate, this is to explain where I have been... or not been... as the case may be.  But all in all, Jennifer's room is the cleanest it's been since she's been up there... and she only has three more boxes (or maybe its' four?  ::shrug::) to go!  Whoot!!

In other news, Corwyn and I went and got him bamboo sheets.  I highly recommend them.  He now has the softest sheets in the house.  I wish I could have a couple of sets for everyone in the house.  Bamboo is a sustainable material and seriously rocks.  Especially for folx with sensory issues like those in my family.  Mmmmmmmmmm... bamboo clothes...mmmmmmmm.  ::wipes drool from face::  Where was I?  Oh yeah, he wasn't feeling too well, headaches and the stress rash.  There but for my father's genes go I.  But there is always hope.... and cat piles... and emo kitties hiding in boxes... on top of clean clothes no less.  ::rolls eyes::