Friday, November 19, 2010

Meooooom!! Meeeeeooooooom!! Hey! Pay Attention to Meeeeeee!!

 "Yes!  With my amazing lazer eyes, I managed to make
mom buy more batteries for her little camera.
If we had green papers we'd buy her a better one for Christmas."

 "Because, as you can see, I am stunning.  No, really!!
So mom should take many many pictures of me!
Well, except when I don't want her to."

 "What?!  I'm not stunning too??"

 "Don't ask me, I'm busy sleeping!"

Star says, "Harrumph!  I hide out.  I did not want to have the flashy thing last night.  Maybe later.
PS  the new stuff is already in this section.  muahahahahahahahahaha!!"