Friday, November 19, 2010

Meooooom!! Meeeeeooooooom!! Hey! Pay Attention to Meeeeeee!!

 "Yes!  With my amazing lazer eyes, I managed to make
mom buy more batteries for her little camera.
If we had green papers we'd buy her a better one for Christmas."

 "Because, as you can see, I am stunning.  No, really!!
So mom should take many many pictures of me!
Well, except when I don't want her to."

 "What?!  I'm not stunning too??"

 "Don't ask me, I'm busy sleeping!"

Star says, "Harrumph!  I hide out.  I did not want to have the flashy thing last night.  Maybe later.
PS  the new stuff is already in this section.  muahahahahahahahahaha!!"


  1. Star sweet baby! How you doin'? Of course I want to know how everyone is doing but you're STAR!

  2. We prefer to NOT have the flashy box in our face! Though the mom's angel Chumley did, and would lie down and pose every time she got the camera out. He was a real ham!

  3. We are OK with picture-taking, it's the flash that drives us wild!

  4. We love your handsome photos...Happy weekend, sweet boys...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki