Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mom Off to See Ner-Neur- Some Kind of Doctor

 "First off, it was not my fault that the computer did wonky
things and made beepy noises this morning.  I thought I was supossed to play with it!!  Why else is it called a mouse?!"
"Does this mean I can go back to sleep now?"

Star says, "Mom is going to see the neurologist & take in her appeal for SSD today so I thought this would be a good graphic to put up; even if it's not one based on me."


  1. Lots of purrs and Light to your mom today!

  2. Love and hugs and purrs and paw hugs. ♥

  3. purrs for your mommeh, even though she said that mousie was not a toy...

  4. Star says, "Jennifer stayed home sick today so I kept an eye on the house while mom & dad went to Nashvegas. They were gone fur-ev-ah!! It was a good thing Jennifer was here to feed us! Now if she'd just stop going to sleep so early she forgets to clean the litter box. I'll report more tomorrow after a nap or two. It's just exhausting doing all this work!!"