Monday, April 23, 2012

She Shoots, She Scores!!

 Last night someone stole the hair bands that were
in the bathroom. They were found under the living
room couch where Audrey keeps her hair band stash.
BTW do NOT let your cats play with hair bands without human supervision until you ascertain that they don't chew them!! All of the members of the Horde treat them like plastic toys and carry them around. If cats chew on them they can SWALLOW them and then they will end up at the V-E-T requiring surgery. The Horde & their Feeders can not stress this enough!
 "Come on mom.  How could I have possibly gotten them out?
They were on that metal thingee!"

 "After all, I just wait for the ones you give me every
morning and every night! I am a sweet and patient girl!"

 "Seriously, look at this innocent face."


  1. Yes, very good warning there... Pens on the other hand, are great for collecting. I keep my collection under the fridge.

  2. That's a very wise warning. Fun can turn scary fast. Just ask me about my "ribbon incident." Yup, emergency surgery.
    ; ) Katie

  3. hides her hair bands for that reason. Junior did find a stray one and killed it (under supervision) for quite a while though....

  4. When we moved from Smurfreesboro to Nashvegas back in '92, we found a number of stashes of 'shinys!' that had been hidden by the third member of the Horde, Nicodemus the Demon Dust Bunny Hunter, aka Thief Cat.
    ::nods:: Ribbon is very serious! Thread is another one! I used to sew a lot and I still sew sometimes and I'm very careful about making sure that all thread goes into the trash can!! Feeders should also be careful about dropped pills. I take a lot so I make sure to take morning meds over the sink and evening over my bed so that if I drop them they won't land on the floor and get lost. Cat-proofing the house is very important!!

  5. The Horde's vet said it was okay for Audrey to play with them unsupervised when he found out that she carried them around like a baby and that the other members of the Horde ignored them. Before that she wasn't allowed to play with them unsupervised.

  6. Keep safe now!!!!
    Have a godd week!

  7. Hah, we have some thieves in our house as well! I find my slipper socks all over the house, and haven't actually had a matched pair for... ages. Bit likes to hide them and horde them for later.

    I actually gave up knitting because the cats' reaction to yarn was terrifying me. I just couldn't deal with the stress of knowing that they could hurt themselves with it. (Yes, there was one emergency vet visit that came out of my burgeoning knitting habit.)