Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Suspicious of You Mom!!

 "What are you doing mom??"

 "Seriously, is she doing anything I should know about?"

 "Hmmm, should I keep an eye on her?"

"Surely she wouldn't take pictures of me grooming!"

"Mommies should not take pictures of grooming!!"


  1. Darlings...how good to see your beautiful and handsome selves blogging. XOXOXOX Star, KISSES. And Star, you are right. Mommy has to find someone with a PU truck to help her get a tree home. I know I would loe having one.

  2. Star says, "Ah my precious one, mommy got us two that were only about $35-40 each. She did have to put them against the wall and hook them so we wouldn't make them wobble (she's going to put some MDF on the bottom to make them even more sturdy) but they are very pretty. She has another one she got at the store. But they all came in boxes and mom put them together with a screwdriver with our snoopervision. And she didn't even say those bad words either!!"

  3. Trust me...it could be WAY worse with the grooming shots! You've got to watch those humans like a hawk.
    ; )
    xoxo, Katie & Glogirly