Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's That Stinky Cat From Next Door... Again!!

 "Why are you looking out of the window, take a nap."

 "That stinky cat from next door is spraying our house again!"

 "You're going to want to do something about it, won't you."

 "Me-om!! I must defend the honor of our home!!"
"Why does he always drag me into this??"

"I really hate getting roped into Star's evile plans.
I'd much rather sleep and eat. Or was that eat and sleep?"


  1. How are you gonna deal with this? I'm very interested to know... I have my reasons...

  2. The cat in question has finally been neutered but he still sprays. I said something to the woman next door and it turns out that she's adopted him (he was a stray). She's trying to keep him indoors. If I had the energy I'd go around with the scent cleaner and the spray that is supposed to keep them from coming back although it didn't work on my cats!

  3. I think mom has read many times that citrus is a scent we cats hate. It there some strong smelling citrus cleaner for examplt the pour/spary around where he goes?

  4. Audrey says, "I bet mom can find some. We just have to get her to get it and do it. I'm really tired of him getting on the window ledge and telling me I'm a sexy kitty!! Can't he tell I'm spayed??"

  5. Hmmm.. sounds like the neighbors need to make an appointment at their vets to take care of something that should have been done when their kitty was a teenager (or earlier).

  6. All he can tell, dear, is that you are a girl! At least now he won't try to do aything about it. MOL

    Laura & Taffy

    PS: We understand about the not being able to get up and do it. That's where we are too.

  7. bad neighbor cat! spread cheap pepper around? works at keeping them out of flowers... dont know if it'll stop spraying

  8. Zaphy says, "But he's my buddy! And the next door neighbor did take him to get broken once she could get ahold of the cheap neuter/spay place. Cheap pepper? Mom? Would you do that?? Where would I go potty outside??::gasp::"