Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mom! It's OUR Turn! (what we did while we were away)

 "Proof that I can sometimes be with my stinky brother Knives"

 "Can't you see I'm trying to groom here??"

 "But they saaaaaid it would be back by ne-ow!!" - Knives
::sigh:: "This is computer repair young padewan. There is no such thing as 'on time' with computer repair." - Star

"Zaphy has been tutoring me in Emo Cattiness."

"We would have sent you one of these but we didn't have a laptop! Dumb ole' laptop."


  1. Kitties dont understand human schedules.. try putting it this way. Computer repairs go on cat like schedules. In other words, whenever the heck they feel like it, and then it's still a toss up if they will actually do it. Oh, and prepare to get bit when you show that you're grateful that it's back up! MOL

  2. I hope they came soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Glad you got your turn, kitties! Computer repair is a black hole. It sucks in all the computers and then laughs at you when you ask when you'll get it back. BWAHAHAHA!!! Evil black hole.

    Laura & Taffy