Sunday, September 12, 2010

Da Boys Are Looking After Star

"This is the bump mom is worried about.
No, that's not my shoulder, my shoulder is further down."

"Mom kept trying to take pictures to show it better.  Silly mommy!!  I'm going to hang out on the bed with my brothers....
well, I guess I'll let you give me a few treats."

"We want to thank everyone for their purrs, prayers, headbutts (and donations are really helping!!  we have enough now to pay the office visit fee and get greenies for Star) for our brother StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty.  His appointment tomorrow is at 9:30 and we'll do our best to let everyone know what the vet says.  We'd also like you to know that we are continuing to purr & prayer for everyone else as well (including the Feeders needing jobs).  Thanks and Bless You All."


  1. Glad Star will be going to the vet tomorrow morning. Something like that bump would make a human nervous.

  2. HUGS to you and your siblings, Star. You are much loved. Keep me in mind too as in a few weeks I have to go and mom is worried about the possibility of KD.

  3. We have all 48 paws crossed that Star is OK...suspicious bumps are VERY worrisome.
    {{hugs}} from our Mommy, too.

  4. @Admiral Herstorb - We understand. Christopher T. Cat (the first member of the Horde) had KD. We will lights candles.

    Thanks! I am worried. The last time something like this happened was with a dog of ours who lived outside. She went from running and jumping and happy to suddenly limping with a HUGE lump on her foot that the vet said was cancerous. And at the time we had NO money at all (and a vet who wouldn't take payments). That was hard. She was very sweet (and like all our babies, another rescue).

  5. We're sending our purrs and healing Light too, crossing our paws that all will be well. We'll look for an update tomorrow.

  6. We are purring for Star's vet visit tomorrow.

  7. Purring loudly for Star's vet visit; we will be looking for an update on that sweet boy...Best of luck...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Hugs and healing purrs!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  9. Oh we got so behind! We are so sorry that Star is sick - we hope he is doing better now - we saw a brief blurb on the CB. We are sending him lots and lots of purrs and prayers!!

  10. We read on the CB that Star has bite wounds and still has pus? Sometimes the vet will put in a drain to a really big abcess for a few days if the pus is excessive or the infection is very deep. The vet probably gave him antibiotics which will help greatly. Warm fomentations are better then hot I've found. I've keep a set of old face flannels which I can throw out after use. Warm water (hand warm) wring them out until they aren't dripping, bundle the cloth up loosely then apply for about 2 minutes at a time. No pressure, just hold it in place. Put the flannel back in the warm water, rinse and repeat for as long as the cat will stand it. Three sessions a day is what our vet recommends. You can add a level teaspoon of salt to a couple of pints of warm water, this is helpful too. Don't use any antiseptics or any essential oils in the fomentation water. Water or salt water is best. Once they are over the "ICK THIS IS WET GET IT OFF ME UGH" shock, and the warmth gives them some relief, then some cats will tolerate warm fomentations quite well. Don't be tempted to use heat pads to apply heat, they generally are far too hot and will burn.

    Glad the lumps were nothing sinister and hope Star heals up well and quickly.

  11. Our vet said that the pus was too hard, hence the heat. The rest of the info is very helpful! I've never had a cat with pus this hard before!

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