Saturday, September 11, 2010

Repost - Starry Starry Night

When Star was rescued you could hold him curled up in your hand like this with room left over.
I thought there might be some who had not heard Star's story in awhile.  He's one of my favorite rescues.

Star was an abandoned kitty.  My ex-husband found Star and his sister on a walking trail when they were about four weeks old, covered in encrusted tuna and fleas.  He brought them home, holding them both cupped in his hands as he came into the bedroom to see me.  "You're going to be mad at me."  "Why would I be mad at you??"  He came in far enough for me to see the kittens.  "We found them on the trail."  (He'd been walking with a friend of ours.)  "Oh my goodness!!  You'd best get them washed & dried quickly and have someone run down to see if Petco is open to get kitten milk and two bottles.  If they aren't, check Krogers."  "You're not mad?"  "Why on Earth would I be mad??  They're babies!!"  (Although he should have known better, I was well known in that neighborhood as the Woman Who Takes in Strays.)

At any rate, Star's sister never became civilized until she went to live on my ex's parent's farm where she bonded with his father.  Star, on the other hand, became my ComputerKitty (the BitCat came from the fact that he was our eighth cat at that point, what can I say?  I picked them up & neutered them and never could find them other homes!) and to everyone else was the NinjaCat.  So, you have Star's background.  He's a bit wild.  But there he is, laying beside my husband being petted and purring whilst my husband says, "No, I don't like you one bit, not at all." (He sounds just like my dad who does the exact same thing.)

Then he picks Star up, still purring, and sets him on his chest.  Mind you, if I do this, Star will tolerate it half the time but often wriggles out and does the indignant dance.  But did Star do that with my husband??  My husband, who only feeds the cats in the morning and never gives them treats??  Oh no, my friends.  Instead, Star came up and touched nose to nose with him (it was soooooo sweet!!) and then relaxed back and just purrrrrred and purrrrrrred while my husband scritched and scratched crooning, "Oh no, I just don't like you.  No, don't like you one bit!  No, I don't!!"

I told him Star just didn't do that with anyone else but he didn't believe me.  In fact, Star spends almost every night at his feet and when Dale comes up from checking his email to eat breakfast; Star leaps down from the bed to go hang out with him.  That's okay, I know Star will be back with me to make sure I don't overdo things once Dale goes to work.  Please Lord, let everything be okay.

"Hey mom??  I think I might need a bigger clothes basket!"

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