Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me-om!! You Can't Put Up THOSE Pictures!!

"Mean ole' mommy took me to the VET today!!  She put on my pretty black harness but i snucked it off in the car.  Hahahahaha!  But she just put my leash on my collar.  Mean old mommy.  The vet took me back to weigh me and take my temperature (blech!) and then they shaved my beautiful fur!!!  Mommy had looked to bite wounds when first noticed the bump, since that's a common reason for cat bumps but she didn't find any.  But boy did that vet!!  He said the pus was hard too!  Icky icky poo poo is what I say.  (Although I do like this vet office better than the other ones)"

"Me-ooooom!!  Did you have to put up this picture too???  I'll be taking antibiotics for the next 7 days.  The vet said he could give me a shot but it was more 'spensive".    Momma smiled and said pills are fine, I've been pilling cats for almost all my life.  [Zaphy's eyes widen, "Did you know mom's gonna be 50 next year??" "Stop interrupting me, I'm on a roll here."]  So I have to have a pill every day and something called heat packs.  bleck!  I bet mom won't let me outside either!!  And what's more, if I'm not better in a week, I have to go back!!  They didn't even have greenies for mommy to get for me.  Or pernicious flea stuff.  ::sigh::  Silly ole vet."

This is in the shop but I do need some advice from other Cat Moms & Dads.  The vet recommended head packs.  Has anyone actually had luck with this?  And if so, how?!  I've taken care of over 100 rescued cats in my life and never had to deal with this!!  (yeah, I'm pretty amazed as well!) 

So sorry this wasn't up yesterday!!  We're having internet problems!!


  1. Aw, lots of healing purrs to you! We can't help with the head packs--we don't even know what those are!

    Paws crossed the antibiotics will do the trick.

  2. We are sending purrs that those bites soon heal up.

  3. I was wondering if Star's bump was an abscess. I used a wrung out warm washcloth on Rupert's rump; he'd sit in my lap and I had a stack of them that I'd hold against his hiney. Don't be suprised if they burst a time or two yet...it's pretty disgusting! If Star would lay on a heating pad that would help, too. The antibiotics should help pretty quick.
    Purrs from my Horde to Star!

  4. I am glad Katnip Lounge was familiar with it..as I wasn't ad that sounds like great advice.

    Star..love you baby...get well quickly and stay in the house!!!

  5. Well, we are so sorry you had to have your pretty furs shaved off Star, but we are glad you went to the vets so you can get better. We are sending you lots of purrs and prayers!

    And tell your mom we never heard of heat packs for a cat, but cats do like warm things so maybe it won't be too bad to have those for you!

  6. We are sorry the vet stole your furs, Star, but you are still very handsome and we love you no matter what!!...We are just glad it wasn't anything more serious and hope the meds/heat packs help and you feel better soon, sweet boy...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki