Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ehhhh, Not So Much...

"First of all, me-om still won't let me outside.  She's even closed the window during the day and keeps me locked up in her room at night!!  I am soooooo mad. She put a warm wrung-out washcloth on my spots where the vet cut my fur off and that felt okay yesterday.  But then she wanted to do it again!!  Neeee-oooooowwwwwwww!!!!!  This is an affront to the dignity of cats everywhere."

Riiiiiiight.  Hate to tell you kidoski but you will be getting heat of some kind (if I can just figure out how!) until that pus softens up!  I would have recognized the big one as a bite if it hadn't been so hard and come up so fast.  I've run across bites before and had to do the "Bad cat! What have you been doing?!"  And taking care since cats heal from the outside in.  He's had one antibiotic already and that seems to make him think he's all fine now.  Silly kitty!  Now that the internet is up again though I'm sure that he'll be helping with the Winter Holiday section.  We don't have the cards in yet and I'll probably wait on those unless someone needs them sooner than I get them up.  I'm still peering at Cafepress waiting for the 2011 calendars to be ready because I've got two calendars to go up.  One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & one of my drawings.  I should be hearing from disability soon (first time around is usually 80% no) and I'm still knocking wood that my ex will find a new job soon.  Whew!!  Life has been interesting around here!  Especially with the Pernicious Fleas showing back up!

Star - "blech!  I hate Pernicious Fleas!"
Mr. Kitten - "I hates them more."
Star - "Heh, but at least I'm svelte & can scratch faster."
Mr. Kitten - "Get back here!!!"
Star - "Look!  Mom got the Mistletoe Cat up!"

Thomas - "I like this one too."

PS We want to thank our wonderful vet again.  They called us up this morning to check on Star, see how he was doing, remind us to bring him back in a week if he wasn't all better, and to feel free to call anytime we had any questions or concerns about him or the other kitties.  [I don't think it's just because they're prejudiced... every time we bring Da Boys in everyone on the staff comes out to squeeeeee over them... but after all, they are handsome boys!!]


  1. Good luck with the heating pad and hope Star heals quickly...Sorry to hear about the fleas, those are awful too...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Sending purrrrrss to Star and mom.

    We've had absesses before, but never bad enough to need heat packs. Hope Star gets used to them.

    We've been fighting flees all summer -- so far, the little blood suckers are winning.

  3. We are purring and praying for Star to heal quickly.

  4. Purrs for precious Star. Star..you stay in!