Saturday, January 7, 2012

Never Nap Alone...

 "Napping on Feeders helps keep you warm."

 "But be careful, sometimes they put things on your head."

 "You can always sleep on another cat."

 "But if the right Feeder tucks you in, it's okay to sleep alone."

"This is the graphic on the shirts I
got for my favorite Feeder Corwyn."


  1. Looks like you got plenty of nice places to sleepzzz! We like: sleep on other cat. We do that a lot around here! purrrrs Lars and Odin

  2. Wow! You CAN sleep any and everywhere!

  3. Oh KNives...I love you dearly. I love Star too but you are a cat among cats. Just another human feeder speaking tho.

    xoxoxo Mom Carole

  4. Why cant I get that song out of my head...
    Soft kitty warm kitty
    Little ball of fur
    Happy kitty sleepy kitty
    purr purr purr

  5. Oh another shirt I want for myself, (not the kitties) about a viscious attack kitty. And don't they all look so dangerous when they're sleeping? ; )

  6. ::preens:: "Thank you everycat & feeders! Corwyn wore his white long-sleeve version of this shirt to school today. I was soooo pleased!! I am quite dangerous when I'm sleeping. Oh wait!! I am always dangerous! I am an excellent Ninja Kitty." ::disappears into thin air::