Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Will We Paint Today Mom?

 "I think she still looks a little punk.  I say we let her make a
short run to Kroger but that's it.  She's having trouble sleeping
again.  Mean ole' tooth!! She sees the dentist on Friday."

 "Okay mom, put you head down right here."

 "All right, we will let you take breaks for pettings.
After all, pettings are just as important as naps!!"

 "See!!  I'll help make sure mom takes a nap!!"

Star nods, "Yep!  We'll all take turns sitting on her until she's better.  Then we'll help her paint the hall, the front bathroom, the den, the laundry room, the space where those stairs are we like to leap up..."


  1. Hope yout mom is feeling better soon! Good job you all are doing to help make her deel better! Purrrs Lars Odin and Mom

  2. We hope your mom gets her tooth fixed soon!
    And when she's done painting there, she could come here and help us paint.

  3. Audrey looks around, "Why is mom laughing so hard??"

  4. Oh my dear, please feel better soon. Love to the kitties.

    Mom Carole