Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back-up Cameras & Fountains

 "Oh good!  Mom got a back-up camera!"

 "Someone on CB was asking about fountains.
This one moves around like a toilet.  Ummm, until Zaphy's fluffy fur kills the pump.  It doesn't matter how often mom cleans the pump.
It has nothing to do with somecat  dropping food in it!
It is pretty quiet and just makes a humming sound."

 "Wow!  This fountain is SO quiet!  All you hear is the water falling into the bowl.  And it takes the strain of fluffy furs and none of us drop food in it even though we drink from it.  Mom says that if any of us liked to drink from the faucet we'd like it even more."

"'Cuse me, need to clean my paws now."


  1. I like the idea of a fountain, but since we starting feeding the kitties in the living room, I'm afraid the noise will drive ME nuts!
    Star would drink from the fauset if she could figure out how to keep it from dribbling on her head at the same time, MOL

  2. Me likes our fountain better than the tap!

  3. Star says, "If you like waterfalls the one that pours like a faucet is less noisy than a desktop water fountain/waterfall. It's also available at a reasonable price. Mom said that if it had been too loud she would have send it to Chrystal. If we don't start playing with the toy made from Magnicat we're going to send her that."

  4. Wow that is great! I want to have that fountain for may kitties.

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  5. Mom here! We got both of these fountains at our local PetSmart.

  6. I noticed and so has mommy that I am expectantly waiting by faucets for water. Mom doesn't want to get that started here. I have no place to put a fountain that's near an outlet but Star will distract me from thinking about it. xoxox

  7. Oh, this is Katie's mommy..still logged into my human account. xox

  8. Star nods, "Mom had that problem in one area where she wanted to put a fountain once and she plugged it into a long white thing that she plugged into the wall."

  9. Hi sweeties...come see your award on my bloggie.

    Star, that was purely an oversite and it will NEVER happen again. Here's some ear grooming for make it up. xoxoxoxox

  10. Star says, "Oh my darling! I did see that! If you'd like it bigger I have one that's bigger. I feel so much better, I'll be right over and we can groom each others ears."

  11. ......I can hear both fountains from the kitchen entrance most days...but I do have pretty good hearing when I'm not being selective with it so...yah...Loves ya Mom..pet the cats for me. =^-^=

  12. I love you too dear! If the white fountain is off all you hear from the kitchen entrance is trickling water like what one would hear from a zen water feature available at a drug or department store.

    Zaphy says, "HI! We've been getting lots of petting and treats and I've been getting brushed. I tried to get her to give me gooshy food for breakfast but she just won't listen, will you talk to her for me? We all love you!"