Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look!! Two More Boxes!!

 "My name is Knives and I approve this box."

 "What do you mean you? We all approve! Yay gooshy food!"

 "mmmmmm gooshy food... good to the last crumb."

"And we got toys too! See! Boxxxxxxxes!!"

"It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it!!
Hey mom! We think Star and I should get more gooshy food now!"

Mom here! The great people at Mr.Chewy gave us a $50 gift certificate to try out their services. The food came really quickly and the packaging was great (you can see how much Knives liked it!). I loved the fact that I didn't have to drive across town to the pet store or pay a lot more at Kroger. If I spend $49 or more I get free shipping even though it's heavy. The other internet place I've purchased from before didn't because it was ground shipping. Don't be surprised if I don't order food from them anymore! The price is the same as it is at the pet store if it's not on sale (I'm a member) but given that I'm not paying shipping the $7 difference per bag on sale makes it more than worthwhile!! Oh yeah, and the price cut on that other place's internet store? Didn't even cover the price of shipping.

The other cool thing they do is a donation program. Any friend of your's who uses your referral code not only gets 10% off but they donate $10 to a pet charity. My code is KDYE202 and $10 will go to North Shore Animal League (there are two other charities they donate to and I can change at any time so if someone buys something & would like me to change my setting I'll be glad to do so, I'm just familiar with North Shore and not the others). I almost forgot! You can do quick reorder or have a schedule set up so that if you're forgetful (like me ::shakes fist at fibro::) they'll ship automatically until you ask them to stop. The only problem? They don't carry my cat litter, Equisicat (cedar)! Oh well, nobody's purrfect! ::grin::


  1. Yeah!!!! Boxes, boxes!!! We love boxes!

  2. Boxes are the best! Mr. Chewy doesn't carry one of our "must have" foods, but I asked them and they are going to try to get it.

  3. Boxes with food inside! That is just too cool!
    Me has to get mes some of those boxes!

  4. All that stuff and the box to play in too! Lucky kitties!

  5. Pawsome! The only thing better than boxes are boxes with FOOD! :)

    We love Mr. Chewy!

  6. Yay! Boxes AND food. The cats must be very happy. Knives and Star must be very happy to get in on the gooshy food wagon. Give pets and my love!

  7. Oh yes, you see how much fun Knives was having with the boxes! The gooshy food wagon was full, the cats were full and the purrs were loud!

  8. Food and boxes. Boxes and food. Food and boxes. My neck is sore 'cause I don't know which to pick first.