Saturday, January 21, 2012

That's a Big Box Mom!

 "So mom, is the stuff in the box for us?"

 "TOYS!!  GREENIES!!  Ummm, is that a litter scoop?
Evile Pernicious Flea stuff?  We don't need that!!"

 "Look!!  Look!!
Mom put up the window seat in my favorite window!!"

 "Ummm, you can stop taking pictures anytime mom."

"Okay, we've looked at everything, taken a nap, played with the boxes, taken a nap, run from you trying to put Evile Pernicious Flea stuff on us, taken a nap, played with more stuff, taken a nap and now we can't think of anything to doooOOOOooo!!  Meeeeoooooommmmm!!"


  1. what a great haul - and we LOVE the window seat...

  2. Oh! Yous is llucky cats (cept for the flea stuff). But that window seat is fabulicious!

  3. Audrey says, "This is the same window seat that we have in mom's bedroom. Zaphy told me that it has been there since the Horde moved into the house six years ago. That seat is sagging now and mom really should take it down and pull up the fabric to make it tighter. She's also thought about making a new cover. But it still holds Zaphy and stinky ole' fat fat fat Knives fine! PS he's the reason it sags so much!

    Mom here! These window seats don't cost very much and they are great! That's why I got the same style when buying a new one for the kitchen. Audrey was so cute when she was checking it out and sniffing it to see that it only smelled like new & her!!