Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mom! Me-om! Where are you?!

Today I've had two doctor appointments for my children and one dentist appointment for me.  As a result, I was up waaaaaay too early (note to self, get some of my coffee!) and got home waaaaay too late!  I came home to four cats laying on my bed glaring at me accusatorily.  I was allowed to put up my purse and cell phone and then it was...

"See mom?  We starveded while you were gone!!!"

Thomas: "Mom!  Mom!  Timmy's in the well!!"
Me: "Okay Thomas, what's wrong?"
Thomas: ::wandering around:: "Timmy's in the well!!!"
Mister Kitten: "Mom?  Can I have something from the Big Bowl?"
Me:  "Of course you may." ::put food in bowls and Thomas & Mister Kitten nosh on numnums::
Thomas:  "Hey!  Hey!  Mom!  Timmy's in the well!"
Zaphy:  "Mom?  I need to go ooout!"
Me:  "Just a second."  ::let Zaphy out::
Thomas: "Mom! Mom!  Me-ommmmm!  Timmy's in the well!!!"
Me: ::roll eyes:: "What is it Thomas??"
Thomas: ::goes to door::  "Timmy's in the well!!"
Me: "Do you want out, Thomas?"
Thomas: "Timmy's in the well!  Timmy's in the well!!"
Me:  "Okay, okay, I'm opening the door."
Star goes out the door.  Thomas saunters off quietly.

small pet bowl... hmmm... I wonder how many scoops from the Big Bowl it would hold?


  1. Yes, we see how everyone is starving....It's a terrible thing when you can see the bottom of the food bowl!

  2. Oh no, yoo were all starved and TIMMY'S IN DA WELL! Dad sez dat when Zippy starts her afternoon howling. Really, she howls at da ceiling fan in da bedroom.

  3. Oh my gosh that is so funny - because a lot of the time when the cats come up to me meowing for no apparent reason, I ask them "what's wrong? Is Timmy stuck in the well?" So what I am saying is that I am glad that someone else gets that!! The boyfriend has no clue about any sort of pop culter reference from before like, last week.

  4. My husband and I say that constantly. And it's always with Thomas. None of the other cats really care if Timmy is in the well or not. But Thomas act as if he needs to go out when it's actually just another of Da Boys wanting in!! See? Timmy's in the well!!

    PS I am so glad that I'm not the only one who a) does this and b) gets this!!!

  5. hee hee! Johnny & Scout howl about Timmy...usually in the evening. Timmy must go to the well about 10 p.m., PST!
    xx lounge kats