Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh No! Mom Lost My Picture!!!

"I'm so upset!!  Mom lost the picture of me with my other mom after she got her braces off yesterday.  ::sigh::  Something messed up with the camera.  I guess I'll have to wait until Tuesday.  ::pout::"

"I got a picture with my other dad!!  It's not as good as the other picture of me with him without his braces
(he got his off on Monday) but it's pretty.  We're all excited!!"

"Harumph!!  I think you need to go on a diet or
start exercising more!!"

 "We also lost the picture of all of us sleeping in a
compass pose last night!!!  Mom is sad about it."

We just put this one up because we like it.  Don't tell mom!!


  1. Oh that stinks that the pictures were lost! We have had that happen before, when the camera decides to be jerky. Maybe she will be lucky and find them - but if not we think you shouldn't blame her you should blame the evil camera.

  2. Drat! Good Help is so hard to find...just like those lost pictures! Did they get sequestered somewhere strange on the computer? Our Mommy has done that before!

    Mommy says ConCats on the braces removal...she wore hers for 4 years! Of course that was during dinosaur times and they did things differently then...

  3. Sorry about losing your photos=our Mommy hates it when that happens!...Congratulations to your beans about getting their braces off=it was over 30 years ago for our Mommy, but she still remembers how exciting it was!...Happy Friday sweet, handsome boys...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. We lose pictures too. Darn flashy boxes. Congrats on getting the braces off. HAve a great weekend.