Monday, July 26, 2010

Time to Vote!! Sleeping Contest Categories!!

"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde would like to welcome everycat to their First Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest.  Here are the rules.  We will give you seven categories plus one special category which doesn't involve sleeping.  Your job, regardless of whether or not you choose to accept it... oh wait, that's something else.  Ahem.  Everycat will reply with their vote(s) for as many categories as they please (after all we are cats!).  The cat with the most votes in each category wins.  The winner will contact us and will choose their own award graphic!!  Now onto the categories!!  May the best cat win!!"

"The first category is Synchronized Sleeping!
Two or more cats sleeping together in harmony.
This can be either cuddled up or in the same position."

"Comely Catnapping!
This is one of the basic cat sleeping positions.
We learn it at our mother's paws."

"Delightful Dozing!
Most of us find this easiest to do on mom or dad's pillows.
After all, they smell like them and are soft to boot!!"

"Splendid Slumbering
Curled up into a ball... ahhhhhh so comfy.
You don't have to be curled up,
just as long as you are slumbering splendidly."

"Luscious Lounging
It's hard not to look luscious when you're lounging!
No pictures please!!"

"Tantalizing Tummies
How can anycat resist?!?  Seriously.  It's a tummy!!"

"Resplendent Resting
So many of us can sleep with our heads up...
after all, who knows when a mousie or
other treat might come along!!"

"This is our special category!!  Cuteness Exercises!!
They are tremendously important!!
Everycat must do them everyday!!"

"Now you know the categories to vote on, you'll find entries sc-cat-tered throughout the comments to our posts from the last week as well as your fellow voters.
We look forward to seeing everycat's vote!!!"

"Mom was singing with the HHS Alumni Choir all weekend.  This is comprised of people who were in the Varsity Choir directed by Joe Giles at the high school both she and her husband attended.  They had a great time but it was hard work having to sing choral music again after... years.  So we're lounging gracefully for them!!"

You can now find everycat who entered HERE! 


  1. ooohh...we'll have to do some surfing around...we know we saw some good ones!

  2. I'll go look and vote after I feel better. I am at the Beach House now and am about to take a nap. I am going to use the skirt Miss Lynn sewed for me so I will have to get up later to put on my corset and hoop skirt and skirt so she can hem it but I am drinking water and resting and stuff. You look beautiful, my darling Zaphy!

  3. all of those kitties looked so gorgeous and so delicious! So softly sleeping and just asking to be disturbed by lots of kisses. That's what happens to ME when Mom is around and am trying to sleep!

  4. I don't mind voting, but is there any way that you can put them all in one post so we can see them easily?

  5. You guys looked great in all those sleeping positions=we're impressed with your variety of poses=love the sleeping tummy shot!!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. WE loves to sleep, we thinks we can do this without much trouble and your delightful examples have inspired us zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  7. Give me some time to pull the urls for the earlier posts. I've got a doctor's appointment at 1400 CST today which means I'll be out-of-pocket from 1300 until who-know-when!!