Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please Help SPARKLES!!

"I would like to direct you to the story of Sparkles.  She needs a new home where there are NO other kitties!!  She adores Feeders but she misses her brother who has already found a Forever Home.  Please please please help her find her Forever Home!!  We especially want to help her because she looks so much like me!!"

Unless you are a purebred breeder, PLEASE neuter and/spay your fur companions!!  Remember, it not only helps their health, it helps the population of animals being abandoned or killed in shelters.
Thank you from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde
We are all Tims


  1. My heart was broken reading about how Sparkles runs for any human who comes in there. Oh if only the Admiral wouldn't mind if there was another darling in the house. But she is an older lady and very set in her ways. And always has been a single cat in the family. I truly am aching for that baby.

  2. If we thought Sparkles would get along with the Horde we'd adopt her in a heartbeat!!

  3. Breeders should be limited too. Too many are in the "disposable" animal trade

  4. ::nods:: True, all Feeders should be responsible fur companions! It's no more fair to our furbabies than it is to human children to not take the best of care of them!!