Thursday, January 6, 2011

It REALLY Wasn't Me This Time!!

 "Someone sprayed mom's closet door this morning!"

 "See!!  It was not me!!  I was a Good Kitty!!"

 "It was STAR!!  He's lucky mom caught him instead of dad!"

"I can't believe he just did that!"

"I mean, really!!  Didn't he see how dad reacted when I did that?!"


  1. STAR! You DIDN'T! Surely not!!??

  2. Yep! Star did it! Probably because it's his closet and he was making sure everyone knows it! You see, Star is in love with shoes. Almost all of us have shoes with Star claw & tooth marks on them. This explains why we try to make everyone put their shoes up in closets. I once thought about buying him his own shoe but that would only encourage him to play with any shoes he comes across.

  3. Well Star, come and groom me. And no more of THAT stuff. OK? ♥

  4. That's okay Star, I'm sure your Mom and Dad wasn't that angry at you. Just promise them that you'll never do it again, okay? Your such a good kitty Star, remember that always.

    ♥ ♥