Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why Is Mom's Room Dark and Who Closed Our Window??

 "Hey!  Our window is closed!!  How am I going to get inside?!"

 "Waitaminute!!!  It's COLD!!"

 "He does this every year you know."

Star - "I relented and got up on the bed yesterday."

Mister Kitten - "And I let him.  Mainly because mom threw me out into the cold when she caught me beating up on him.  Oh, and because mom had those test things Monday and a migraine.  She won't find out about the EEG until Thursday probably.
The EMG of her ulnar nerve was normal though."

Star - "I have decided to stay on the bed.  And return to my Evile Ninja Ways.  Daddy thought it was a sign of the cat crazies but mom knew better.  Mommy is very very smart.  That's why we like her.  Well, that and she gives good treats."

 "Personally?  I don't care so long as I get treats and have someplace warm to sleep.  Oh, and pampering... must have lots and lots of pampering.  I am, of course, the Eldest Cat and thus Reign Supreme.  Well, at least when mom isn't looking."

"No, really!!  It's time for mid-terms!!  Unless you're in a college class, like the one our dad is teaching, in which case it's finals."


  1. Aww, you guys need to cuddle more if it's cold!!

  2. We saw you on the Cat Napping Seal of Approval site. You cats seem to have your humans well under the paw. Excellent!

    If you visit us Malaysian kitties in return, please click on the purple book cover Blackmail Bride link. First chapter is free, and 10% goes to an animal sanctuary.

  3. Oh we are so sorry your mom had a migrane. Our mom has been on the edge of one all week because of the weather crazies. And oh, it is too bad that it is cold there now so the window is closed - we say just stay in and snuggle with your mom. Staying out of the cold sounds like a good idea!

  4. Everycat... thanks for good wishes!! Au and Target, our mom is sending your mom an email with the graphic for your award!! StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty founded your email for her. As soon as we have finished our holiday shopping we will get one for our mom because she really loves to read!! (no, really! She has over 3,000 sf/s books in her library & gets mad at us if we... uh... ummm... it wasn't us. no, really, really!! it was some other cat!!)

    Migraines are bad. We think mom got one this bad because of the EEG blinky lights. meh.

    Zaphy still likes to go outside because he prefers the outside for a litter box. Mom wishes she had an insulated cat door on her bedroom window so that he would stop meowing "me-innnn!!" and "me-outtt!" all the time. (except for Mister Kitten who is very slow, although we're still trying to teach him to talk. We all have Siamese in us and are excellent talkers.) The rest of us all stayed on mom & dad's bed last night... well, actually we took shifts between there & Jennifer's bed. We can't get into Corwyn's bed because he'll cuddle us until he's sleepy and then throw us out and close the door! He is SO mean!!