Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seriously, Can I Just Go Back to Bed??

I slept from 10 pm to 7:30 or so... and I'm still tired. Evidently the cats did the Changing of the Cat Guard™ last night. I started with Star, felt Zaphy at one point, my husband says that Oberon was in there, and woke up with Thomas. So it was evidently One of Those Nights™. ::sigh::

I saw the neurologist's NP yesterday. To say that I was less than impressed would be an... understatement. Mr. BooBrain failed to check my current med sheet and was going off of my old one...

Him - "Let's try lowering your topomax from two in the morning and three in the evening"
Moi - "Huh? I don't take two in the morning and three in the evening. If you'll check my current med sheet I take one in the morning and one at night."
Him - "No you don't."
Moi - "Yes, I do." pull out med list from my purse where I keep three in different compartments, which I had given at check-in for them to copy "Look on my new med sheet."
Him - holding out a printout of my old meds - "Yes you do, see, it's right here."
Moi - hold up current med list, "Look, you should have a copy, just like this, showing my current med list."
Him - "I'm not seeing that."

Never mind the fact that he also paid no attention to why I was really there and kept talking about my headaches. ::head:desk:: Good thing that I don't carry Weapons of Mass Destruction™ with me. grrrrrrrrrr

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